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Bottles of Essential Oil


Unique & Powerful Homeopathic Remedies for You, Your Family, and even Your Pets!

At TQN, our unique formulas are made using Bioresonance Technology, and so our products fall under the category of 'digital homeopathy.'

Traditional homeopathic remedies are usually derived from a single plant or mineral.  The plant or mineral is then steeped in water, and a solution is made.  This solution is then diluted many times, until a final solution - or tincture - is made which usually contains only nano-particles of the original substance.  This is often confusing: how can a tincture be beneficial when it contains little of the original plant or mineral?

What homeopathy captures is the 'essence' of a substance, or its frequency.  And it is the frequency of a substance, paradoxically, which can effect the deepest detoxifications & rebalancing processes of the body.

If you understand Quantum Physics, one of the main principles is that 'everything is energy', so everything has a frequency, whether animate or inanimate.  And we can learn to dramatically improve our health by coming into contact with beneficial frequencies, and minimising our exposure to negative ones.

Digital homeopathy works off the same principles as traditional homeopathy, but just via technology.  With digital homeopathy, it is possible to create unique formulas that have a multitude of frequencies: here at TQN, each of our ready-to-go formulas has over 25 frequencies, the equivalent of buying twenty-five single supplements!  Thus they offer great value for money.

However, you can also opt for a personalised homeopathic formula, made just for you.  To do this, you will need to purchase an ASYRA Screening consultation/ health test.  See the THE TESTS page for more details which will give details of these tests. 

But do also check out the ready-to-go formulas in THE SHOP.  We have formulas for aches & pains, infections & immunity, digestive issues, skin & hormonal complaints, and much more.  Plus bespoke homeopathic remedies for cats (the Feline Good range) and dogs (Oh Canine.)


Key Features:

  • Very potent homeopathic tinctures with 25+ frequencies

  • Easy to administer: put the drops straight into your mouth or in a little water, twice a day (or rub onto fur with animals)

  • Odourless and tasteless - suitable for babies and animals as well as children and adults (no forcing nasty pills down!)

  • Support after your product purchase

"I had a treatment from Sarah for a chronic skin problem that had been ongoing for nearly 3 years. I had tried everything but nothing worked for long. Sarah identified the problem and made a remedy for me. I took it every day for one month. By the end of the month the problem had disappeared, and has not been back since. It was an amazing relief. Sarah couples her treatment with great compassion and insight. I felt in very safe hands."

SM, Somerset, 2023

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