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An in-depth 3 month programme to really turn your health around

Nutritional Therapy consultations with Sarah, will help you to make realistic changes to your daily dietary regime, to help improve your health and/ or particular symptoms.

Even making a few small dietary changes on a daily basis can help improve your health no end, no matter what your health condition is.

Indeed, a Nutritional Therapy programme with Sarah can help you with digestive issues, arthritis, inflammatory health conditions, skin issues, hormonal problems, weight loss, musculoskeletal issues, eating disorders, fatigue & exhaustion, and so much more.

As well as Western dietary approaches, Sarah has a keen interest in Auyurvedic techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and often incorporates these approaches into Nutritional Therapy recommendations.

As it can take some time and commitment to making effective dietary changes, Nutritional Therapy consultations are on a three month basis.  Indeed, 3 months is the ideal amount of time to really commit to improving your health via dietary means as research has shown that this an ideal amount of time to renew the body on a metabolic/ hormonal level.

With the 3 month package, you get the following in-depth support to really help you make and implement changes to your diet and health:

  • An initial 1:1 Nutritional Therapy session with Sarah either in person, or via Zoom/ WhatsApp/ Skype

  • An ASYRA Screening session to help ascertain what areas of your body need supporting the most, and what particular supplements could help to further improve your health over the 3 month period

  • A follow-up Nutritional Therapy session (which can often incorporate quantum 'Healing Way' elements to go in depth about the healing process and how that can affect food choices etc)

  • Unlimited  email support spanning the 3 months.

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