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Functional, affordable, health tests (available both in person* as well as remotely via hair sample), to help you better understand what areas of your body to support, and what your body needs...

Did you realise that our bodies speak to us through our pain?  They try to alert us to the fact that something is out of balance within us.   As such, 'pain' is not always a bad thing if we can learn to work with it, and not against it, and use it to make changes to our lives.

But it is often very difficult to understand what our body needs, and to make 'sense' of pain, and we often get overwhelmed by it.  It is hard to know where to start sometimes.

Certainly, healing needs to occur from the inside out, as well as the outside in.  But, when trying to get a grip on ill-health, ASYRA Screening can be a great place to start as it can indicate what areas of your  body need supporting the most, and what particular natural remedies (eg vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, enzymes) your body could do with.  And this first step can help you stabilise whilst you get to grips with even deeper levels of your healing (should you wish to explore this.)

And unlike other private, functional health tests on the market (which often cost hundreds of pounds and are very specialised), the ASYRA can look at every system in your body at once, making it one of the best private healthcare tests currently available.

Indeed, through simply sending a small hair/ nail sample, the ASYRA can help you to:

  • Know what areas of your system need supporting the most eg thyroid, liver, hormones, adrenals, digestion, immune system

  • Understand which precise, targeted natural supplements could help you 'stabilise' your system by addressing & alleviating your particular symptoms over a 1 - 2 month period

  • Kickstart the rebalancing of your system with a personalised homeopathic formula, uniquely tailored to you, typically containing 50+ frequencies

  • Understand what foods might be affecting your system when you choose the 'Food Sensitivity' analysis option.

After your Screening (whether in person or via hair sample), you are sent:

  1. The ASYRA report

  2. A summary of the findings of the ASYRA Screening as detailed in the report, in relation to your current symptoms (as the report is rather complex)

  3. A personalised homeopathic formula for you to take for a month

  4. A list of additional supplement recommendations for you to ideally purchase to further improve your symptoms, taken over the course of 1 - 2 months

  5. Uniquely to TQN, invaluable information about the True Healing Process and your innate Self Healing capacity, and how it is important to rebalance our bodies from the inside out too. 

  6. Two weeks' email support after your test is included to make sure you understand it sufficiently; and there is also the option to continue with support after this time.

The ASYRA works on the quantum principle that "everything is energy."  Thus it can 'read' a hair, nail or fur sample etc, as the sample will vibrate at a certain frequency, if you choose to have your test this way.  Indeed, the ASYRA was specifically designed to work through a hair (or fur) sample as well as in person, so attendance in person is not at all necessary.

* For more information about ASYRA Screenings, or to enquire about sessions in person (Glastonbury & Cheltenham only currently), please contact us at  Remote ASYRA Screenings can be booked as below through the SHOP and details of how to send your hair sample will be available to download after your purchase.