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Supplement Advice


A functional, affordable health test (available both in person as well as remotely via hair sample), to help you better understand what areas of your body to support, and with what targeted natural supplements, to help you overcome a wide range of symptoms & health conditions.  Suitable for You, Your Family, and even Your Pets.

There is so much more to health and dis-ease than we have, most likely, been made aware of. 

And allopathic medicine, whilst very good in an emergency situation, often falls short in explaining why long-term health issues have arisen, or how to manage them ongoing.


Indeed, all too often, it is difficult to understand why health conditions have developed, and how to deal with them long-term.


Certainly, healing needs to occur from the inside out, as well as the outside in, and an ASYRA Screening can help you to understand both of these aspects and create a clear way forward for you in terms of improving your health.


Indeed, it is a fantastic place to start: the test itself can help to indicate what areas of your body to support the most with targeted, natural remedies (eg vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, enzymes), and a supplement plan will be put together for you based on the results of the Screening, to help improve your own particular health issues.

And unlike conventional tests which are currently available through the medical route, or other private healthcare tests on the market (which often cost hundreds of pounds and are very specialised), the ASYRA can look at every system of your body at once (eg foods sensitivities, hormones, pathogens, neurotransmitters, digestive system, immune system),  making it one of the best private healthcare tests currently available.

Indeed, through having an ASYRA Screening in person, or simply sending a small hair/ nail sample, the ASYRA can help you to:

  • Know what areas of your system need supporting the most eg thyroid, liver, hormones, adrenals, digestion, joints, skin, immune system, to improve your symptoms

  • Understand which precise, targeted natural supplements to use to help improve your health over a 1 - 2 month period (exact dosages advised)

  • Kickstart the rebalancing of your system with a personalised homeopathic formula, uniquely tailored to you, typically containing 50+ frequencies

  • Understand what foods might be affecting your system when you choose the 'Food Sensitivity' analysis option

After your Screening (whether in person or via hair sample), you are sent:

  1. A personalised homeopathic formula for you to take for a month;

  2. A list of additional, natural supplement recommendations for you to take for a short-term period of 1-2 months, with dosages;

  3. Very importantly, a copy of 'How to Switch On Your Self Healing Capacity' AND information about navigating periods of Healing Crisis, both of which are seldom explained or understood;

  4. The ASYRA report itself, as well as information about how to interpret it. 

Furthermore, email support is included after your test (for a month) to make sure you understand the ASYRA - and healing - process and to help answer any questions that might come up in the days or weeks after the test.


How does the ASYRA work? 


The ASYRA was devised by a NASA scientist. In a nutshell, the ASYRA works on the Quantum Physics' principle that "everything is energy."  Thus it can 'read' your energy field (whether you attend in person or send a hair/ nail sample) and match it up against other frequencies, some of which your body will like, some of which it will reject.  In this way a picture forms of what areas of your body to support, and with what natural remedies. 


This is a very different approach to that of Western medicine, but an extremely valid approach nevertheless, and completely fits in with the principles of Quantum Physics.  Many doctors and dentists throughout the world use bio-resonance devices now, and the only hope is that this technology will be more widely used in such circles and made available to all soon. 


ASYRA Screenings can be undertaken in person, or by sending us a hair/ nail/ fur (for animals) sample.  Please see the SHOP to purchase a remote test, or contact us to arrange an in-person session.

Or please click here to download further information about ASYRA Screenings

"Dear Sarah, I don't know where I would be without you today...  I was in a very bad place mentally and physically... and now I am a much more balanced, happy person who can enjoy life again, and I have never felt better!  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me... you have taught me so much and I am passing this knowledge on to my family and friends.  THANK YOU Sarah... You are the best!"

DA, Somerset, who has had a series of ASYRA sessions over the past few years

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