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Individual 1:1 sessions to help you really understand how to heal on all levels - invaluable information for these times as our our world is changing...

The Healing Way consultations will help you to better understand the healing process, and how you can align with Nature's Principles to effect increasing vitality and zest for life.

There is so much more to health - and illness - than perhaps we have been told: Western models of health and illness often fall short in effectively explaining how the body truly works.

Rediscover who YOU really are, and better understand the quantum field, and how this relates to your health and body integrity, in these invaluable sessions.

Each session lasts about an hour, with materials/ information being sent to you afterwards as appropriate to contemplate.  This can be a big journey!

With an initial Healing Way session, you will receive the document 'How to Switch on Your Innate Self-Healing Capacity' and information about navigating periods of detoxification - or purification - which is truly invaluable information for anyone who really wants to heal in a deep and long-lasting way.


"The healing way has been a remarkable journey for me I think. I’ve covered a lot of ground and unpicked many negative emotions and feelings. Though it’s been quite uncomfortable at times it’s helped me heal from the inside. 

Your guidance has been invaluable Sarah. You’ve given me the mental tools and pointers to help me along the way. Also you’ve made it possible for me to like myself as a person for the first time that I can remember. So I thank you."


SB, Wiltshire

Contact TQN for more information.

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