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Homeopathic Formulas A to Z

Homeopathic Formulas A to Z

A range of unique and potent homeopathic formulas containing 25+ homeopathic frequencies, not available elsewhere. 


Suitable for various health conditions and symptoms: simply select from the drop down list.


Odourless & tastelss: just drop into your mouth, or add to water.


Suitable for both adults and children (where appropriate) as per the dosage instructions. 


Some formulas may also be suitable for babies, but please ask for details about this.


For the individual 'ingredients' of each formula, please contact TQN for a product sheet.


Available in 50 ml tincture form.  Approximate months' supply.


Homeopathic remedies do not interact with medications so you can continue to take these alongside these. However, please contact TQN for SUPPORT if you have any queries after purchasing the formula. 


  • Directions

    ADULTS: Take 6 drops twice a day on an empty stomach (about 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything.)  Drops can be administered directly into the mouth. 

    CHILDREN: Children under 10 may take half the stated dosage, or 4 drops twice a day for older children between 10 and 12 years. 

    Please seek advice if you are pregnant before taking this remedy. 

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