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Remote ASYRA Health Screening (adults, children, pets)

Remote ASYRA Health Screening (adults, children, pets)

The ASYRA is a fantastic tool to help you detect imbalances in your body that can be contributing to symptoms of ill-health. 


Unlike other private health tests (which can be very expensive and focus on a narrow range of markers), the ASYRA will treat your body as a whole, looking at every aspect of your system at once eg digestion, hormones, toxins/ pathogens, immune system.


ASYRA Screening will help you to understand what areas of your body to support to help improve your health; and what targeted natural substances eg herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, your body needs in the short-term to help alleviate your particular symptoms. 


ASYRA Screening is suitable for adults, children, babies and even animals.  With adults, children & babies, you can also select the test to include Food Sensitivity Analysis from the drop down menu.


Shortly after your purchase, you will be emailed a form to complete detailing your health issues and current supplements/ medications, to post together with a very small hair/ nail sample, or fur (in the case of animals) to TQN.  On receipt of the information, the test is usually run within seven working days.


This purchase is for a REMOTE TEST ONLY (ie not in person), but through a hair/ nail/ fur sample. The sample needs only to be the size of a 1p piece, and it doesn't matter if it has been treated in any way.


Nail clippings (for adults, children) can be from fingernails or toe nails.


For babies, only a hair sample needs to be posted. 


There is no minimum or maximum age for the ASYRA Health tests; and all supplement recommendations are checked for possible interactions with any medicines that you might be taking, before they are issued.

  • After Your Screening

    After receiving your hair/ nail/ fur sample, the test is normally run within a week.  You will then receive the results by email; and a personalised homeopathic remedy for you, your child, or your pet, through the post.  The emailed results include:


    • The ASYRA report & a summary of the key findings
    • A potent & personalised homeopathic remedy to help kickstart your body's innate healing capacity
    • Details of any additional supplements that may have been indicated as being beneficial for you/ your child/ your pet, put together in a programme especially designed for you  (note: these additional supplements are not obligatory, but will be highly recommded for you as they are based on the test results)
    • Email support after your test to make sure you understand it sufficiently and additional information to support you with your healing process.




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