The Healing Way helps to go deeper with your healing journey, to help you understand the true nature of health and disease, so that you can make deep and permanent changes to your symptoms of ill-health. 


Invaluable information for anyone really.


But... be prepared for a huge ride into the unknown!!!  It will change your life.


Consultations can be in person in Glastonbury (when permitted), OR by Skype/ WhatsApp/ Telephone/ Zoom, where we will chat for up to one hour.  We will arrange this once you have purchased the consultation (I will email you about this following your purchase.)


If you have not had a therapy session with me before... You will also send me a detailed questionnaire about the symptoms that you have been experiencing recently, together with any recent test results or details of medications/ supplements.  


Initial 'Healing Way' consultations are £75 as we can cover a lot of ground in the first session.  Follow-ups are £50 however, and on an as-needed basis ony.

'The Healing Way' Session

  • I will send you a short summary of the session with the main points raised. I will also send you further documents to help you along your healing path and journey of discovery as necessary.