Nutritional Therapy helps to look at your current diet and make changes to it in order to improve your particular health symptoms. 


With me too, you not only get help with making more appropriate food choices for you to improve your wellbeing, but you often get insight/ help into the nature of health and disease, and the overview of how we can heal on a deep and long-lasting basis by listening more carefully to our bodies. So, Nutritional Therapy with an added dimension!


Please note that I do not make detailed dietary plans for every meal of every day (unless you have a detailed weight-loss plan.) That would be very time-consuming and also ineffective in the long-term (you may have more of my favourite recipes than yours!) 


Instead, I will advise you about the types of foods that would benefit you, and when to eat them; as well as the foods to limit or avoid to improve your particular symptoms. 


Even just a few, sustainable, dietary changes can make a considerable difference to health!  And it is my aim to  give you up to seven 'key dietary & lifestyle' strategies to help improve your health with this initial consultation.  That can be a lot of change!


Consultations can be either in person in Glastonbury (when permitted), or by Skype/ WhatsApp/ Zoom/ Telephone, where we will chat for up to 1 hour.  We will arrange this once you have purchased the consultation online.


You will also send me a detailed questionnaire about the symptoms that you have been experiencing, together with any recent test results or details of medications/ supplements.  


Initial consultations are £75, and follow-up sessions are £50.  Follow-up sessions are always on an as-needed basis only.

Nutritional Therapy Session

  • During the one hour consultation, we will discuss your dietary needs and I will encourage you take notes.

    However, you will be provided with the following after the session:

    1. A summary of the key dietary changes that we agreed.  This will be up to seven key strategies for improving your symptoms.

    2. Any other documents that I may have mentioned to help you to overcome your symptoms.

    3. The ability to contact me for support for up to a month after your session with any further questions/ queries/ concerns which might arise, either as a result of the session, or pertaining to your progress.  I may suggest another small donation for this if the required advice is ongoing however. 

    4. Should you require specific recipe ideas, to help get you started, this can be arranged for an additional fee after the consultation.