The ASYRA is a fantastic tool to help you detect imbalances in your body that can be contributing to your symptoms of ill-health. 


It is extremely useful when you are not getting any 'answers' to why your symptoms have occurred. 


With Food Sensitivity Screening, the ASYRA can help to check for potential reactions to hundreds of different common foods and drinks, simply by sending a hair sample.


By purchasing this test, you are buying a Remote ASYRA Screening which will mean that you will send a hair & nail sample etc, together with some forms detailing your health issues, through the post to me.  You will be able to download the forms once you have purchased this test online.  However, please contact ( if there are any problems with this, and the forms can be emailed to you.


Food Sensitivity Analysis with ASYRA Technology (Remote)

  • After the Screening, you are sent the following:

    1. The ASYRA report detailing the results of your Screening by email.

    2. A summary by me of the report in relation to your symptoms (as the report is complex.)

    3. A list of supplements identified by the ASYRA to work with for a period of 1 - 2 months to help you alleviate your health condition(s) by email.  These will need to be purchased (although they are not obligatory.) 

    4. A bespoke homeopathic remedy is made and posted to you, specifically tailored to your needs, as identified by the ASYRA Screening process.  You typically take this for 4 - 6 weeks to help improve your symptoms.  This bespoke homeopathic formula has no contra-indications, and you can continue to take your medications alongside this.

    In addition, you are also able to contact me up to a month after your test with any questions/ queries relating to your test and progress.  If the support is ongoing, I may suggest you make a small donation to help me to be able to continue to support you in this way.