The ASYRA is a fantastic tool to help you detect imbalances in your body that could be contributing to your symptoms of ill-health. 


It is extremely useful when you are not getting any 'answers' to why your symptoms have occurred. 


It helps you to understand what areas of your body to support the most to help improve your health; and what natural substances eg herbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes etc, might help you in the short-term to alleviate your symptoms. 


Indeed, factors such as hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, energetic organ imbalances (eg liver, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals), neurotransmitter imbalances, toxins & pathogens (eg candida, viruses), energetic system imbalances (eg immune system, digestive tract), and so much more can all be analysed in this one-stop test.  


By purchasing this test, you are buying a REMOTE ASYRA SCREENING which will mean that you will send a hair & nail sample etc, together with some forms detailing your health issues, to be analysed.  You will be able to download the forms once you have purchased this test.


For consultations in person, please send an enquiry by email. 


All ASYRA tests are suitable for adults, children, babies, and even pets!

Comprehensive ASYRA Screening with Food Sensitivity Screening (Remote)

  • After the Screening, you are sent the results (report), a summary of the findings in relation to your symptoms by The Quantum Nutritionist, and a list of supplements identified by the Asyra to help you alleviate your health condition(s).

    Please note that the supplements will be recommended for you to purchase for a short-term period of 4 - 8 weeks to help improve your particular symptoms, although this is not obligatory.

    You are also sent a bespoke homeopathic remedy through the post, specifically tailored to your needs as identified by the Screening process. 





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