Comprehensive Health Screening with ASYRA Bioresonance Technology.


In conjunction with an analysis of your symptoms, the ASYRA can help to detect imbalances in your body that could be contributing to your symptoms of ill-health.  Factors such as hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, energetic organ imbalances (eg liver, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals), neurotransmitter imbalances, toxins & pathogens (eg candida), energetic system imbalances (eg immune system, digestive tract), and so much more can all be analysed in this one-stop test.  


Suitable for adults, children, babies, and even pets!


Consultations can either be in person in Glastonbury only (currently), OR if you live further away the test can be run by sending a hair, nail or fur sample (instructions for this will be available to download on purchase.)


If you select the in-person option, please also email me to arrange a consultation time for a session in Glastonbury. 

ASYRA Comprehensive Screening

  • After the sample has been received and your test has been run, you will be sent the following:

    1.  The ASYRA report detailing the imbalances identified.

    2.  A short summary of the test in relation to your symptoms by a qualified Nutritional Therapist, including any further advice as appropriate.  This includes details of any natural remedies (eg vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes) that have been identified as being beneficial for you through the screening process.

    3.  A bespoke homeopathic formula for you to take for about 6 weeks to help strengthen your body in the key areas that have been identified.

    4.  On-going support (if you need it) through the ability to email The Quantum Nutritionist up to 4 weeks after your test. 



T.  0770 107 4875

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