Your Life Matters!!!

Sometimes, it is all too easy to get caught up in the affairs of others or the world, at the expense of ourselves, for one reason or another.

However, the body knows if we are not paying enough attention to ourselves, and ill-health may ensue if this pattern endures for a significant amount of time.

Our lower centres/ chakras are especially linked to the 'Earth' element in our bodies, and literally respond to how 'earthed' we are and how we are feeling about our own lives.

Certain foods can ground us and help us to feel 'earthed'. This is often very important when we are healing from long-standing illnesses.

Putting this another way - and given that we are actually electromagnetic beings - the lower centres correspond to the 'South Pole' charge in our bodies, which is related to how 'earthed' we are. Correspondingly, the upper centres/ chakras of our body correspond to the 'North Pole' of our Beings. The North Pole is more about our Spirits/ True Selves.

When our electromagnetic charge is running well in our bodies, our South Pole and North Poles are balanced, and we feel alive and vibrant. Not only that, but this charge reaches out into the world, helping to change (and charge) the actual frequency of this planet! This is what is helping to raise the vibration of Earth!

So, you see, YOUR LIFE (AND EVERY LIFE) MATTERS A GREAT DEAL, even more than you probably think right now...


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