Your Body is Upgrading

We live in strange times indeed, to put it politely.

You might think that this is due to a certain virus, or because of political ineptitude, or because of the economy, or even climate change. But, whilst these things might play a part, they are not the main reason.

Our Earth is beginning to enter into a new place in the skies - just ask any astrologer. This is a natural phenomenon and is causing weather patterns to change, not least a vast amount of heating up of the planet.

Furthermore, it will cause a heating up of YOU before too long! This will quite naturally plunge your body into a healing mode, where toxins and imbalances start to surface. This is what happens naturally in the healing process and is still little understood: you need to go through periods of deep detoxification which are often extremely uncomfortable in order to rebalance organs and body systems on a deep and long-lasting basis. And this will start to happen more and more frequently due to the frequency of planet Earth rising.

And the last thing you ought to do is stop this process, because it is helping your biology to re-organise in a big way, so that you can heal in a big way.

Of course, it sounds simple, but there is much more to the process than that, and one needs to cultivate a deep understanding of the process to be really on board with it and not get frightened by it.

So, suffice to say, if you are suddenly experiencing strange symptoms which you have never had before, or if you have had a big recurrence of previous symptoms, your body could be upgrading. Contact me to find out more.

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