You Are Already Perfect (Healing vs Revealing)

The notion that we need to 'heal' is only accurate up to a point. Yes, you may have various symptoms of ill-health and feel awful right now. But...

Actually, YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT. In fact, you are Divine, quite literally. And the healing journey is actually discovering that this is the truth of who you really are, and it is NOT a myth or fantasy or New-Age mumbo jumbo. It is the TRUTH.

Put it this way, the real you is like this fantastically bright light bulb. It's only that, as your life has unfolded, more and more layers of dust and grime have covered the bulb and dimmed your light, so that even you have forgotten how brightly you can shine.

And it's not your fault. 'Society' has conditioned us heavily to believe in our limitations, so much so that any idea that we might actually really be Divine Beings in nature is usually ridiculed and rejected in the extreme. But...

Does this world make sense to you? Do you trust your government/ politicians/ educational leaders/ doctor/ consultant/ religious leaders any more? Can you not see that this world only really serves a select, elitist few, who have been getting wealthier and wealthier at the expense of the rest? Does the pandemic we are experiencing right now really justify all the drastic measures curtailing our civil liberties which only serve to enslave us even more.

Serious questions to ask yourself now, if you haven't already done so...

Anyway, coming back to healing.... Healing is more accurately REVEALING... Revealing who you truly are by seeing through the conditioning and limitations that both you AND your ancestors have been made to think and feel..

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