What You Resist... Persists

Vaccines for covid19 are now starting to materialise in the UK, but does this method really work?

When you go deep into how we truly heal, you begin to realise that we can NEVER HEAL from a stance of 'attacking' or 'waging war' on anything. So, if we have the view that we need to 'kill' or 'eradicate' a bacteria or virus for example, we may be successful in the short term, but in the long-term this pathogen is likely to come back (and perhaps even more strongly than before.)

There really is SO MUCH MORE to healing than we have been told, and the way we approach an illness is critical.

Anything we resist or are in fear of PERSISTS, meaning it will come back. This is not the way to achieving long-term health. Or actually achieving anything. Look at the concept of war... If threatened by an enemy, should we meet war with war? This only perpetuates the hostility. So there has to be a better way. A much better way. And it is the same with treating pathogens.

Again, the energy/ frequency in which we meet a situation is crucial to its outcome.

If you would like to explore this in more depth, please contact me. I offer 'Healing Way' sessions OR if you have a couple of questions, you can always select the 'Advice/ Help' tab in the shop. The latter is a donation service, so you can just pay what you can afford.

More to come on vaccines in particular, so watch this space!

Sarah :-)

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