What on Earth Can I Eat? Pt 2

There is a lot of confusion these days about what food is good for us, and what isn't. And what we 'should' or 'should not' be eating. In fact, because of the confusion, eating can be downright scarey!

For example, some studies say coffee contains important immune-boosting properties, whilst others say it is detrimental to our health.

And some weight-loss regimes insist that fat is 'bad' because it is 'too calorific', yet ketogenic weight loss regimes advocate a high-fat diet to lose weight.

Is it any wonder that a lot of us are confused? Even for a qualified Nutritional Therapist such as myself it has been baffling at times.

However, since I have adopted a mind/ body/ spirit (and beyond!) approach to wellness, the confusion has eased (to say the least.)

What I came to realise was that there is so much FEAR around what foods and drinks to consume, and that this fear is FAR MORE INJUROUS to our bodies than the actual food or drink itself.

Yes, FEAR can suppress many bodily systems ENORMOUSLY. It is probably the one single energy that stops bodily processes and systems (including the immune system) from functioning the most.

(Hmm, can you see a way forward in helping to prevent the spread of viruses perhaps...)

If you are 'cynical' like me (or perhaps just have a healthy, inquisitive mind), you might even think that there is a FEAR agenda at present, that we are purposely being bombarded by fearful news stories; articles; TV programmes about murders, illness & deformities, aliens taking over the planet (God forbid!), people struggling to survive on benefits, and even hoarders etc etc.)

Anyhow, coming back to dietary matters, this confusion around food, to put it bluntly, is very detrimental to our bodies. However, when we learn to work with our bodies, and to listen to our own instincts (rather than the latest study that we have just read by some so-called expert who cites a lot of unfathomable references in their script), well... we can REALLY start to have the ability to heal and nourish ourselves properly.

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