Everything is energy, this is the main thrust of Quantum Physics. Animate or inanimate, it doesn't matter, the same applies.

So we, as humans, are in fact energy beings first and foremost. Some might use the term 'spiritual' instead of 'energy.' Spiritual beings, first and foremost. Or human beings with a huge energy body, or energy field. It all amounts to the same thing...

That is why homeopathy, bio-resonance therapy (such as the ASYRA), and other energetic approaches to wellness can help massively. They can all interact with our energy fields, to help improve our wellbeing.

Given that we are energy beings/ spirits first and foremost, we react (or not) to other energies around us, whether these are positive or negative. So, being with happy, joyful people can make us feel the same... Or being in the company of someone who is depressed, might make us feel drained or tired after a while.

FEAR is perhaps the emotion that drains us the most, and if we live for long enough with such vibrations, our bodies can become really quite physically ill. So, especially in these times of uncertainty, it is important to get familiar with our fears, to meet them, and to then discern the right course of action as a result. In doing so, we will strengthen our energy field, which will ultimately lead to great strength and health. Easier said than done sometimes, especially, perhaps, at the moment.

MUCH MORE to be said on this topic anon

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