Updated: May 29, 2020

Why is it that some people catch a virus and others so not? Even within the same households, some family members will catch a virus, and others won't.

Is it any surprise that, in current times, a lot of those who have succumbed to coronavirus have already had pre-existing health conditions?

When you really look into the nature of viruses (and other pathogens for that matter), it becomes so very obvious that "the environment is everything." This means that our pre-existing health or constitution has a profound effect on whether we 'catch' a virus or not. So, yes, if we are either physically - or even emotionally - challenged this can most definitely lower our immunity dues to the stress chemicals/ hormones that are released in our bodies, and will make it much more likely that we will 'catch' what is going around.

I put 'catch' in inverted commas, because even this notion can be further explored and explained, but I will save this for another time! Should you wish to know more however, I will soon be offering 'The Healing Way' sessions online, to help guide you through your healing journey, and help you understand what is really going on with disease and ill-health.

For now, just know that our inner environment is of paramount importance when it comes to our immune system, and whether we are likely to 'catch' a virus or not. And our inner environment (and physical body) in turn relies on how well our energy field is functioning.

As for our energy field... well many things affect that. Working with me, you will learn how to take care of this, and what affects it so. Yep, viruses and pathogens are a result of our energy field being in disarray, and seldom (if ever) the actual cause. Controversial I know, but the truth often is...

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