Viruses... Some More Thoughts

As lockdown is appearing to ease, in case of a second wave (and... looking into my crystal ball I think there is a VERY good chance that there will be another lockdown), perhaps it is a good opportunity to think more on what is really the true nature of viruses.

Most of our current thinking about viruses stems from the 'Germ Theory' presented by Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) ie that there are some nasty bugs (which are 'fixed' in nature) out there which we can catch if we are 'unlucky' enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (And ... oh what a world that is by the way, if our downfall is simply due to misfortune - is the universe really that chaotic or tragic?)

This idea of the fixed nature of pathogens was then accepted as the foundation of Western medicine and microbiology in late 19th century Europe, and then adopted by America's (and other nation's) medical/ industrial complex, a cartel which has controlled drug manufacture and medical doctrine ever since.

However, at the same time as Pasteur's work, another Frenchman proposed quite a different theory for the true workings of viruses and pathogens. This man was Antoine Bechamp (1816 - 1908), and because he was denied patronage and publicity, most of us have never heard of his work.

Bechamp's work basically states that the 'environment is all.' In short, a virus or pathogen will only take hold if the internal conditions within the body are ripe for this. And, should conditions within the body change favourably, then the pathogen can no longer exist. Very different then from simply being 'unlucky' enough to catch the pathogen.

So, the onus is on us to create the right conditions within ourselves to prevent pathogens from flourishing, and we need a mind/ body/ spirit model to do this... or even something more than that.

Check out the book 'Bechamp or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the History of Biology' by Ethel Douglas Hume. Invaluable stuff.

What is even more intriguing is that the VACCINATION THEORY ALSO STEMS FROM LOUIS PASTEUR'S WORK. So, if you start to discredit his theory... well then you really start to look into the actual need for - or agenda behind - vaccinations. And that may well become crucial in the next few months.

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