There Are No Accidents...

Nothing that happens on this planet is ever an accident. Controversially perhaps, this includes physical pain and suffering.

It also includes pathogens and viruses, and whether one person succumbs to an infection or not.

This is because there is always a reason (or purpose) behind every event, including illness.

This may be a very difficult concept to grasp, especially when one is suffering immensely. Believe me. I know about this one! But nevertheless it is true...

It is not to blame anyone who is greatly suffering however, or imply that one has brough the condition upon oneself. No one would consciously choose suffering over happiness. It's just that there is a greater purpose to it.

This is a fundamental point to grasp when we are healing, but it often takes time to assimilate completely as it is a difficult concept.

There are other fundamental points to grasp too when we wish to truly heal from the inside out. These are covered in 'The Healing Way.'

In the very first session of 'The Healing Way' you are given all the main points to help give you an overview of the healing process, and to help you through it. Maybe one session will be enough for you, although it can be very eye-opening stuff! Other sessions are as and when you need. Invaluable information really.

So please message me for details if you are interested, or go to the SHOP to buy a session.

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