This is a (modified) response to an email I received recently...

"Yes, isn't is just the strangest of times? I don't think you can blame yourself for oscillating between fear and hope.  It is intense!

I do believe that this will be for the good in the long run but, as with healing, all the nasty toxins (corruption) has to rise to the surface first.  So I think things will get more difficult at some stage, and maybe this will centre around the forthcoming proposed 'antidote' to this 'virus.' But enough people have to see the increasingly obvious tyranny first. So, it has to get worse before most people wake up.

But ultimately it is of course for the best, because the world has to change or, more precisely, the infrastructure governing us and influencing our institutions has to. (Ask yourself, have politicians, medical advice etc actually been really working for you recently?)

I have personally gone through an angry phase, scared phases (even knowing what I do), but have ultimately resolved that (as much as it seems the opposite) "everything is perfect." This is because there is a higher reality/ truth to what is going on... that in order for this planet to change, enough people have to wake up to the truth and they will only really do that if their liberties become restricted (otherwise complacency will continue.) So, in that way, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.  And when we realise this, it can help to lessen the fear.

What is happening to the world, is that is it ascending in frequency, moving from 3D through to 4D and beyond.

3D is the realm of duality: when in duality, we judge everything in terms of pairs of opposites such as good/ bad, rich/ poor, beautiful/ ugly etc. And usually we don't much care for the 'bad', 'poor' or 'ugly!' But it is necessary to experience bad as much as good, poor as much as ugly, because these more challenging situations fuel our growth. We only seek change when we are having a tough time usually, and not when the going is good. Why would we question anything when the going is good?

So, this is what is happening to our planet right now... Times are getting tough for a lot of people, whether in terms of health or finance. And they may well get more extreme yet. But this will force big change in time, which is actually necessary for this planet. So in this way, the scenario is just perfect...

However, for some (including myself), some aspects of lockdown have been most welcome! I have had far more time to listen to my body, to garden, to rest... So, again, how can any one thing be really all 'bad'? WE MUST LEARN TO CHALLENGE SUCH CONCEPTS.

So, ultimately there is no good/ bad etc. Only experience, and learning. Welcome to unity consciousness!

Sarah x

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