Sovereignty ... and the Healing Process

To fully heal, we must regain our sovereignty. That's it in a nutshell. Once we really start to do this, the body responds accordingly.

So, what do I mean about 'regaining sovereignty'? Perhaps we never fully knew it in the first place...

The chances are, we only really knew our full sovereign selves when we were much, much younger.

Sovereignty means gaining full control of your body. In turn, your body mirrors the aspiration of your True Self or Spirit. That's why we must listen closely to our bodies when we are healing, because you are really listening to your True Self.

So, to gain (or re-gain) sovereignty, you must only do that which you really want to do, from the bottom of your heart, and let NO ONE ELSE whether a family member, friend, colleague, or authority figure, tell you otherwise. As long as your want/ wish is for the benefit and highest good of yourself and others, this will start building a power within you which will eventually switch on your body's self-healing mechanism the more and more you do this.

This is the deep 'secret' to healing the body; and to living a long, healthy, vibrant life, which will, most likely, surpass your expectations.

To discern what it is that you really want to do in any given situation, you must be quiet and still... to really look within yourself, in the depths of your heart.

So, if you are presented with a situation (whether from a family member, friend, colleague, authority figure etc) where you are being coerced into doing something that you do not wish to do, next time stop and think.... THIS COULD SERIOUSLY DAMAGE MY HEALTH !!! Indeed, if you repeatedly stop being true to yourself, your frequency lowers and your energy field weakens, and you become susceptible to illness.

Of course, with the roll out of mass vaccinations next week, we are all being heavily persuaded to participate. But stop, think, and reclaim your sovereign power. Ask yourself:

  1. Has the pandemic made complete 'sense', or are there discrepancies? Even one discrepancy must be examined fully.

  2. How comfortable do you feel with the fact that the whole world is being asked to take part in a programme that has not been fully tested? Remember, even with regular vaccinations, there have been reports of serious side effects in certain cases. So, how do you feel about experimenting with a vaccine that is set to go well beyond these 'regular' limits?

  3. Have I examined all the facts first? Or am I just being led by what the government wants me to do? Does the government really have my best interests at heart?

MUCH more to be said on this crucial subject, especially as the proposed programme is due to start next week, so watch this space as I plan to post some more information soon about this, along with some key documents to look at. I strongly urge you to at least read through these documents so that you are able to make a fully sovereign decision when it comes to this matter. A decision that will not only affect your life, but those of your children and loved ones too.


Was the pandemic planned?
Download DOCX • 117KB

Download PDF • 103KB

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