No Limits to Health

When we really want to get well, we have to embrace four main aspects of our Being - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. All of these need to combine to form a cohesive whole so our energy fields can be strong and vibrant.

As mentioned before, when our energy field is strong, our physical body reacts accordingly, and works much more efficiently.

Most people will have some idea of how to work with the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. But these, without the necessary 'spiritual' overview of 'what it's all about', won't work on their own in the long run.

There is MUCH to say about this 'spiritual' level. Certainly, it is not related to any religion or particular spiritual path (you might be relieved to know.) Instead, it is to know the context of how we can achieve long-lasting health, which has wider implications, and will necessitate the need to challenge limiting beliefs which have been 'fed' to you over the course of your entire lifetime!