Natural Supplements vs Prescription Drugs - How Do We Heal?

A lot of us are tired of medications that seem to do little to address the actual root cause of an illness. Not only that, but many medications place such a heavy burden on the body in other ways, not least our livers and detoxification pathways.

So, many of us have turned to natural remedies such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics instead. But are these any better?

Natural supplements are certainly, on the whole, much more gentle in their action, and more able to work with the body as a result. So, they tend to be better options longer term, to help alleviate or manage health conditions.

That said, there are scenarios where fast-acting remedies are needed, such as in life-or-death situations. Then, Western medications can come into their own, without doubt. Thus they work supremely well at stabilising the body in an emergency situation - or the short-term - for example

So, it is not always a good idea to label one thing as 'good' or 'bad' - it just depends on the scenario which is playing out. This, in fact, applies not just to the debate about prescription drugs, but to many, many other facets of life...

But for the sake of this argument, it is more than reasonable to say that natural supplements are usually the better option longer term. And ASYRA Screening is a fantastic way of helping to identify the exact ones you might need to help you on your way to health, without any of the guesswork! However...

After a while we don't even need natural supplements, as we become so in-tune with working with our own bodies, and listening to them. And enabling the self-healing mechanism which is inherent within each and everyone. In fact, we don't need any healing modality at all! Because we know what it is all about, and we trust our own bodies for the deepest guidance and wisdom.

I can help you to access this wisdom and guidance through The Healing Way sessions that I offer. It's a lot of information to take on board often, so usually several sessions are needed. However, these can be as and when you like. They help you to gain an overview of the healing process, so that you can know what it's really about; and give you access to information about how you might just be able to fully recover on a deep and permanent basis.

So please contact me for further details if you are interested to know more.

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