Natural Immunity vs Immunisation

Now that the programme of immunisation against the current pandemic is well under way, it is time to start REALLY asking yourself what this is really about.

We have natural immunity: we do not need any other protection, other than our own bodies and our own consciousness (frequency.) Indeed, when our consciousness operates at a certain level, our natural self-healing ability automatically kicks in. And it knows exactly what to do, and what parts of the body to heal first. We don't even have to think about it.

So what is the best way of raising our frequency and enabling our innate self-healing ability? In a nutshell, it is living a life as closely aligned to JOY and LOVE that we can. Joy and love are high frequencies: they switch on the self-healing mechanism in our bodies.

There is more to say about this of course, so you can either book a 'Healing Way' session with me, or ask for more advice using a Help/ Donation tab in the shop.

For now, we need to focus more on the concept of immunisation. Vaccines/ immunisation have been based on faulty science from the start. Just see the previous blog about the Pasteur/ Bechamp debate.

Anyway, think about it. WHY go all out to avoid this virus by washing your hands perpetually, avoiding hugging those you love, going one way down a street or aisle, and wearing a mask, ONLY to then have the virus injected into you???

Then, if that isn't enough cause for concern, why be injected with a novel vaccine that ALTERS YOUR DNA and isn't even guaranteed to work? You can check out these facts on the government's own website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-what-to-expect-after-vaccination/what-to-expect-after-your-covid-19-vaccination?fbclid=IwAR0VfuMiC1g1rNg0EG2Gzip4qT426TBiT_dYPK38a_DEpanuufhpg_0NV0g

So, in otherwise YOU WANT TO RISK YOUR LIFE and that of your children by taking a hugely experimental vaccine, with no guarantee that it won't protect you from the virus?

In fact, MRNA vaccines should not even be classified as such. Nothing about these vaccines is designed to stop you getting the virus. Instead, by mutating your DNA, you are much more likely to get the virus, hence the rising death rates we are seeing now.

Immunisation - in whatever form it takes - is the OPPOSITE of self-healing. And the MRNA vaccines in particular are designed to permanently switch off the body's intelligent self-healing capacity.

Take a look at the paper issued in 2012. Yes, the vaccine was around then (so you may now need to question whether this has been in fact a 'plandemic.'

It states that there may be some protection from the actual virus. BUT, worse, it affects the immune system, meaning that should you come into contact with a similar virus, your body will go haywire, with an explosive immune reaction that is likely to create severe breathing difficulties and other organ-failures. Symptoms that one may argue (if one was indeed working for the dark side), are the effects of the virus itself and not the immunisation...

The truth is, there are dark forces at work in this world, and there has been for your entire life and for hundreds of years. PLEASE ASK ME FOR HELP/ ADVICE ABOUT THIS AS THIS IS DISTRESSING: I have known about these goings on for some time, and it is now time to realise that it is not simply 'conspiracy theory' but, sadly, reality.

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