Mind the Gap

Illness and disease start to manifest in the physical body as the gap widens between the human self (Ego) and the higher/ True Self (Spirit.) The wider the gap, the bigger the discomfort or pain in the physical body.

So, someone with a big Spirit say, who has had a particularly traumatic life to date, is likely to have experienced a lot of pain (both physical and emotional) in their life.

Some people may be much more comfortable than others living in this dimension (Earth), because the gap between their present life and their Spirit is not so great. So, they may not have the desire - or need - to question their existence so much.

When someone has experienced a lot of pain in their life, whether physical or emotional, it does not make them a 'bad' person, or a more 'useless' or 'needy' individual. No, it just means that, for whatever reasons, the gap between their True Self and present life has opened up significantly, and they are struggling to find the means - or knowledge - to close it.

Working with me (especially on The Healing Way programme), I can help you understand how to close this gap.

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