Let's Get Out of Our Minds!

One of the best things we can do to improve our health, is to get out of our minds! No, I am not advocating taking lots of drugs - meditation might be a better option though!

Our minds were never meant to be our main navigation system: our bodies are a much better system to be guided by. This is because the body is much more directly linked to our Spirit (or our True Self.) Again, MUCH MORE to be said on that...

For now, just realise that by listening to your body, you can learn to understand yourself much more than you ever could be listening to your mind! And when we start to really do this, huge shifts in health can occur.

In our world today (unless you happen to live in some indigenous culture), we have largely been taught NOT to listen to our bodies, but to listen to our minds. In fact, the realm of 'mind' and 'body' (as well as 'spirit') have all been separated off from each other. This is not helpful!

When it comes to true and deep-level healing, we need to accept the fact that we are actually Mind-Body-Spirit beings, and that all of these aspects are interlinked. And within this, the realm of 'body' needs to be given much more importance than it has has over the (most likely) millennia. Yep, where your mind sometimes fails you... your body won't. Your body really does know best...

A wise man once said to me... "Your body contains all the information already that you need to heal yourself, completely and permanently." This was nearly 10 years ago now, and it has taken me all this time to realise (fully) that this is true... And I would like to help you do the same.

Sarah x

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