JOY... The Best Immune Booster

As Winter approaches, and with the threat of another coronavirus outbreak ever looming, it is important to look after ourselves - and each other - and nourish our immune systems.

Although herbs such as echinacea can help a lot, and ginger/ garlic are also powerful immune-boosters, perhaps you have not realised that the most powerful tonic of all is.. JOY and HAPPINESS.

Because emotions are all energies (and in fact, everything is energy), some emotions have higher frequencies than others. And, if you are in an elevated emotion (or frequency), then the body starts to reflect this by operating much more optimally.

Conversely, emotions that provoke a lower frequency (such as FEAR), deplete the immune system... massively.

So, one of the most important things you can do is to try and stay HAPPY & JOYFUL

, and doing the things you love to do, to keep your immune system healthy.

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