It's All About The Nervous System

When it comes to healing in a big and long-lasting way, it's all about the nervous system. This was known to Ayurveda: the vata dosha governs all the other doshas.

When our nervous system is relaxed, we can access higher frequencies; and if we are in a period of profound relaxation and restoration, we literally start to embody the higher frequencies.

And higher frequencies switch on your Self Healing Ability.

Our lives are often very stressful, and maybe we take for granted just how negatively stress impacts our bodies and, especially, hormonal and metabolic systems. Anything stressful does: even carrying a heavy bag of shopping is a stress.

We can't completely avoid stress of course, but we can certainly take steps to limit it and remove harmful situations from our lives.

The world as it is now is very stressful indeed, and we are being bombarded with information on a daily basis which is very negative: if you don't die from a certain virus, then you might just get cancer instead! Or, we need to save the planet from climate problems, save those who are going blind in third world countries, or take steps to prevent certain species of animals from dying out.... Pressure, pressure, pressure...

If, like me, you smell a rat... you might just question this ever increasing doom and gloom scenario that we are being presented with...

Anyway, back to the nervous system...

It is actually our RESPONSIBILITY TO OURSELVES, which comes before any other duty moreover, to look after our nervous systems. To rest when we need to, eat healthily, take time out when we feel unwell, avoid harmful situations. We are not taught to do this! So often we carry on regardless, ignoring the cries from our nervous systems and bodies as a whole.

Wonderful, wonderful things can happen when you start to restore the nervous system. This is the key to deep and long-lasting health, and so much more besides that.

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