Doing Extremely Well

When we start to really heal in a deep and permanent way, we realise that our inner environment is of paramount importance.

And part of our 'journey' to stabilise this inner environment involves dealing with - and meeting - extremes. These extremes may present themselves internally, or externally as events/ situations, or (most likely) both.

Learning to navigate extremes and not get caught up in the drama of them is vital. As you learn to do this, gradually the body stabilises and harmonises.

Try it! But you will need to do this over and over again most likely...

Why should healing work like this? Well, there are of course very good reasons. So why not book a Healing Way session with me, or simply ask me more questions about this?

As well as these consultations, dietary advice, and health screenings/ tests, unique homeopathic formulas, I now offer the "Ask The Quantum Nutritionist" service where you can ask me any health-related question for a donation of your choice (ranging from £10 to £25.)

And if I can answer it, and help to set you on the right track, I will!

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