Linked to the fact that we are energy beings first and foremost, we actually have different layers to our Being. This can be likened to different energy 'rings' or fields around our physical body.

The energy field or ring that is closest to our physical body is the Etheric Aura (energy body.) This is usually undetected by the human eye, although some clairvoyants and sensitives are aware of this field. The function of the Etheric Aura is to vitalise or energise the physical body. So, if this field is disturbed in any way, systems of our body and overall energy will be compromised.

This energy body/ Etheric Aura contains energy centres (chakras) that relay information (or energy) to the physical body. Major chakras are actually important acupuncture points. There are many different chakras, and sub-chakras, but usually 7 major ones are written about. These are the root (or sex) chakra, navel (or hara), solar plexus, heart, throat chakra, third eye, and crown chakra.

When it comes to illness, the impact is usually felt in the lower three chakras, that is the root, navel and solar plexus. You could say, these are our more 'human' chakras, where we process a lot of information about our lives.

The navel chakra, for example, regulates the amount of vitality that we feel, largely through regulation of our hormones; and the navel and solar plexus chakras govern how well our digestion is functioning.

We need a strong digestion to digest life! Indeed, our organs of digestion do not only break down food... the same organs digest and process our life experiences and trauma. This was known thousands of years ago! Traditional Chinese Medicine knows about this! But it is a major truth that is usually vastly overlooked by Western medicine today.

So, how many other 'truths' are being overlooked today?

As the Earth experiences a shift in direction (and consciousness), many of us might experience more discomfort in the lower centres of our body, as our own frequency rises. This is to be expected. But of course it can be highly disconcerting. MUCH MORE to say on this of course! So keep tuning in...

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