Cause No Harm

When it comes to healing, we improve our frequency/ energy field (and switch on our body's self healing capacity) by always taking actions which CAUSE NO HARM to either ourselves, or others.

The more we can do this, the more our physical bodies will re-align and gain strength and vitality.

The concept of 'Cause No Harm' is a universal law. It governs the whole way our planet and universe functions.

So, in terms of the forthcoming vaccine, the main question is: "WILL THIS CAUSE NO HARM?" You may need to do your own research into this, and contemplate whether any vaccine has ever caused harm to anyone; as well as what the novel ingredients of this new vaccine are set to do.

With Common Law, 'Cause No Harm' is also a fundamental principle. So you can, for example, agree to the vaccine in principle as you wish to co-operate in theory, whilst at the same time asking those who administer it to TOTALLY PROVE TO YOU AND GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL BE 100% EFFECTIVE AND WILL CAUSE NO HARM.

A letter of 'Conditional Acceptance' can help you with this; and you may wish to follow this up (should this letter be rather foolishly accepted) with requesting that the proposed administrator of the vaccine be prepared to give you and your family substantial financial damages (to the tune of whatever you think is fair as you are sovereign in this decision after all) in the event that you suffer as a result of the process.

After all, unless anything is 100% guaranteed to work, there is a risk. ARE YOU PREPARED TO TAKE A BIG RISK, AND RISK THE LIVES OF YOUR CHILDREN? And chances are, that the proposed covid19 vaccine will NEVER be 100% guaranteed to work effectively and/ or be free of side effects.

You may want to check out this government website which gives details about 'Vaccine Damage Payouts.' Yes, damages caused by vaccines do exist, and have been acknowledged by our own government!!!


Do contact me for further details if you are interested; and the 'Conditional Acceptance' document is attached.

Sarah x

Download PDF • 103KB

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