Be You Pt 2

It's all about the relaxing nervous system, indeed, when it comes to healing ourselves. In some ways this might sound obvious. And certainly it is apparent that we must avoid stress for this to happen.

But do you realise, that EVERY single action where you are not being true to yourself, is a HUGE stress to the nervous system? Every lie, cover up, resignation to the status quo when you have hoped for something different... it all has a huge impact on our bodies which in turn affects our energy field.

It can be difficult to know what is you, and what isn't at first, as there are so many layers of conditioning that we have come to accept as normal, which pervade our society, family lines, and subsequently our own emotions and thoughts. So, to heal in a big way, you have to become very skilled in tuning in to your body which, in turn, reflects the REAL YOU in a much better way than our minds (usually.)

Although, saying that, our bodies can be misleading at times, and so it can be a difficult process at first. That's when you really need the OVERVIEW of the healing process, which will affect the way you view your reality at the deeper levels. This can be discussed in the 'Healing Way' sessions that I offer.

For now... just watch your energy field (aka the strength of your body) when you are being true to yourself, even in the face of loved ones, friends, colleagues, bosses, authorities (dare I say it?)... When you start to notice this, and see just how much your body responds favourably (after maybe a good shout, scream or cry)... you will start to open up a whole new perspective on health and 'being' as a whole.

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