... And It's All About Consciousness (aka The Bigger Picture)

Your body can change, and move away from pain. In short, the innate intelligence that governs your body can kick in more and more strongly, promoting self-healing more and more powerfully.

Partly this happens when the nervous system becomes more relaxed. But very largely this comes about through a change in your consciousness/ perception of the world. Or worlds should I say... This is crucially important to healing on a deep and long-lasting basis, and should not be overlooked.

So when your consciousness starts to change, the innate self-healing ability of the body starts to kick in, and all sorts of readjustments can take place as a result. However, usually when this happens in a big way, you can feel like you are severely cracking up or going downhill. All sorts of latent illnesses and discomforts can surface, and severe periods of 'healing crisis' can ensue.

Commonly digestive issues, joint pain, heart palpitations, back/ neck pain, and immense fatigue occur. At this point, it can be vital to work with a therapist who can reassure you that THIS IS what happens when we truly heal from the inside out, so that you can remain strong and stick with (and not suppress) the process.

So, there is a LOT MORE to health and wellness than our current Western medical perspective offers, to put it mildly.

You really need the overview to kick-start your self-healing ability in a big way. In fact, you cannot really truly heal until you know this. This will mean questioning a lot of things that you hitherto thought were true or real. Are you ready for this at last??

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