Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivities aka What on Earth Can I Eat?

Many of us these days appear to have a wide range of intolerances/ sensitivities/ allergies to foods, and it can be a real problem to know what to eat.

For sure intolerances etc are real in the sense that we can experience detrimental physical symptoms as a result, but how do they develop? Are they permanent?

Whilst it is true that allergies (as opposed to intolerances & sensitivities) may trigger a more overt immune response (and therefore may be more deep-seated in nature), many people find that their allergies (as well as sensitivities etc) can indeed disappear over time. So, it is extremely useful to see all of these conditions as not 'fixed', and be open to the fact that they can improve.

In fact, it is useful to see ALL health conditions as fluid: there is the potential for ALL health conditions to get better (if not disappear altogether), given the right circumstances.

In terms of the foods we eat, as we heal our WHOLE body and Selves, our capacity for tolerating 'problematic' foods increases. In fact, when our bodies and energy bodies are working supremely well, we can pretty much tolerate ANYTHING.

So although it is often useful to avoid certain foods in the short-term (and to focus on eating benefical foods as much as possible), in the long-term it is important to focus on the healing/ rebalancing of your entire being. Again, this goes for pretty much all health conditions too.

Welcome to the world of Quantum Nutrition...

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