Quantum Nutrition

As mentioned, I am Sarah.  I am the Quantum Nutritionist here in the UK!  I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, and am both BANT and CNHC registered.

I have had many journeys with food, some 'good', some 'bad'...  But always experience to help me learn and grow.

Food is definitely a powerful medicine, and changing your diet can dramatically improve symptoms.  No doubt about that.  However, often our relationship with food is more complex than that, often because we do not trust our bodies any more.  Also, because there is so much conflicting advice about what foods are beneficial, and what foods are detrimental.  This confusion can lead to a lot of problems, and make it very difficult to stick to a particular dietary regime.

Quantum Nutritional Therapy takes into account the WHOLE of you, as this will determine the best dietary approach for you.  YOU are the most important factor in your healing journey, and what your body has to 'say' is of utmost importance!

I do help you to make sensible & natural food choices to help improve your symptoms and health, but I also listen to your needs.  So, somewhere in between, we come up with a dietary plan that is right for YOU! 


Interestingly, your tastes may literally change along the way, as your body rebalances.  But I am always there to make suggestions and give you as much guidance as possible, and to help you work with your body, to learn to listen to it.  This is when significant healing/ rebalancing can ensue. 

So, working with me, you will learn to access deeper levels of yourself; and your relationship with food will no doubts change... for the better.

AND NEW!: "Ask The Quantum Nutritionist" any health-related matter for a donation of your choice, ranging from £10 to £25 after you have received your reply.  Simply send your question to tqn@mail.co.uk, marked "Ask the TQN."