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Hi, I am Sarah.  I am the Quantum Nutritionist here in the UK!  I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, and am both BANT and CNHC registered.

I have been in practice since 2010, having successfully completed my Nutritional Therapy training at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition the same year.  

I have had many journeys with food, some 'good', some 'bad'...  But always experience to help me learn and grow.

Food is definitely a powerful medicine, and changing your diet can dramatically improve symptoms.  No doubt about that.  However, often our relationship with food is more complex than that, often because we do not trust our bodies any more.  This can have a direct influence on how 'well' a dietary programme works; or how well 'healthy' foods can influence us.  So now you are entering the realm of Quantum Nutrition...

I do help you to make sensible food choices to help improve your symptoms and health, but the process is fluid.  Your tastes may literally change along the way, as your body rebalances.  I am just there to make suggestions and give you as much guidance as possible, and to help you work with your body, to learn to listen to it.  This is when significant healing/ rebalancing can ensue. 

So, working with me, you will learn to access deeper levels of yourself, through which your food choices may change over time.  For this reason, I do like to work with clients over at least three sessions, so we can go deep, and I can help you to make long-lasting improvements to your health.  However, sometimes just one session can be enough to set you on the right track.

Sound good?  If so, please contact me for further details and information about consultations.


E. tqn@mail.co.uk

T.  0770 107 4875

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