Homeopathy for Pets

Bespoke homeopathic formulas can be made for your pet using the ASYRA technology.  All you need to do is send a small fur/ mane sample and this can be run through the device to help ascertain what areas of the body your pet needs help with. 

A tincture is then generated from the Screening which is unique to your pet and will contain 25 + homeopathic frequencies to help re-balance his/ her system.

Let your pet catch some healing waves!

Bottles of Essential Oil

Bespoke Formula

Whether your pet is suffering from skin issues, digestive problems/ parasites, thyroid or kidney issues for example, the ASYRA will show exactly what areas of his/ her body to support with an easy-to-administer and personalised tincture.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Easy to Administer

The odourless tincture can be simply added to water or rubbed onto the animal's skin/ fur.  Easy.  No trying to force nasty pills down!

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