The world is a little crazy right now.  So, it makes a lot of sense to support each other in these times.  For some, discounts on consultations may be required for those who are impacted financially at the moment.

For others, we might find ways to work together to help each other promote our businesses/ therapies.

So get in touch!  After all, isn't that the kind of world we need right now?!!

Options include:

1.  NEW: "Ask The Quantum Nutritionist" any health-related matter for a donation of your choice, ranging from £5 to £25 after you have received your reply.  Simply send your question to (marked "Ask the TQN."

2.  Discounts may be available on consultations and ASYRA Screenings if you would like to help review them!

3.  Discounts may also be available on the homeopathic formulas if you would like to help review them.

4.  Discounts may be available on all consultations and products if you are able to help advertise 'The Quantum Nutritionist' where you work, or where you live.

5.  For practitioners (eg Nutritional Therapists) who would like to refer their clients for an ASYRA

Screening to help ascertain what particular areas of their systems to focus on (eg digestion, adrenals, thyroid, gallbladder, kidneys, skin, joints), and what exact supplements might help their clients to

improve their symptoms, discounts are available.

6. Discounts may be available on all consultations/ Screenings if you wish to purchase two or more.

Please email/ phone for details.