ASYRA Bioresonance Health Screening

The ASYRA  operates as a digital kinesiology device, helping to interface between you and your body.  It helps give a 'voice' to your body to tell you what it needs! 


Bioresonance devices have actually been around since the 1950s in various forms,but they are still relatively unknown.  The particular device that I use - the ASYRA Pro - was devised by a NASA scientist/ engineer, and I have been using if for over 10 years now with fantastic results.


If you're familiar with kinesiology (muscle-testing), the ASYRA Pro works in a similar way, but it is computerised and so much faster.  For that reason, hundreds of items/ factors/ frequencies that might be contributing to your symptoms can be tested quickly and efficiently in just one session.  It can help identify what areas of your body need support (ie kidneys, liver, thyroid, skin, hormones, stomach); as well as natural supplements that could help to improve your symptoms over a period of 6 weeks or so.  In addition, a homeopathic remedy is generated by the screening and sent (or given if the consultation is in person) to you. 

So, the ASYRA is a brilliant tool to help you better understand factors behind your symptoms of ill-health, including (but not limited to) digestive issues, anxiety/ depression, skin problems, migraines & headaches, asthma, arthritis, fatigue & chronic fatigue, fungal / viral/ bacterial/ parasitic issues, hormonal problems, nutrient deficiencies, brain fog, energetic organ weakness (eg adrenals, thyroid, kidneys, gallbladder), and food sensitivities.  Please ask for further details.

Remote Testing 

The ASYRA is especially constructed to work not just in person, but by Remote Testing.  This involves sending a small hair/ nail/ or fur sample through the post to me, The Quantum Nutritionist.  The sample is accompanied by your list of current symptoms and medications, as well as date of birth and contact details.  On receipt of the information, the test is then usually run within a week, and the results are emailed to you.  This includes the ASYRA Report, and a summary of the findings in relation to your symptoms, together with advice about the natural supplements which have been indicated through the screening.  Then it is up to you whether to purchase these or not.  However, doing so is likely to improve your symptoms more quickly.  But, at any rate, you are also sent a personalised homeopathic formula based on the results via the post.  This is a bespoke homeopathic formula - not available to purchase anywhere else - to specifically help your body to harmonise certain key areas of your system to improve your symptoms. 

Please note, all supplement recommendations are checked for potential interactions with your medications before they are recommended.  This is done via the BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapists) Natural Medicine's database.

For more about the ASYRA SCREENING process click here.


For a SAMPLE ASYRA REPORT click here.  This is a sample Comprehensive Analysis test.  This client came to me with menopausal/ hormone imbalances.   As well as her hormones, there was a need to support her kidneys  and ovaries with natural substances.  ASYRA reports are complex, but some people like to see them, and you are always given a summary of the findings in relation to your symptoms, to simplify matters!

NEW: 'Gold Frequency' Homeopathic Formulas


If you cannot undertake a full ASYRA Screening, for whatever reason, then this new range of bespoke homeopathic formulas is a great alternative.

Uniquely, each formula contains 25+ homeopathic signatures.  All designed to help with your specific health condition.  This is the equivalent of buying at least 25 different supplements!

At the moment, the formulas are just available in tincture form.  But these tinctures are odourless, and easy to administer.  For babies and young children you can add the tincture to water even.  And a new range of formulas for pets is coming soon!

And, not only that, but all formulas now have a hint of gold... The 'gold frequency' is a very powerful healing frequency, which has been added to every formula.  If you want to know more about this 'gold frequency', I can tell you, but you may well need to book a 'Healing Way' session with me to understand it all...

And if I haven't yet listed a formula for your specific health condition, simply let me know!  In fact, why not help me trial a new formula for a reduced fee?  Maybe for your pet?  There is no risk: you cannot overdose on homeopathic remedies in the same way as physical remedies, and there are no contra-indications with homeopathic remedies and medications because they work in very different ways.  If your body doesn't need a homeopathic remedy, well then it simply won't react.  You only ever take from homeopathic remedies what you need.