Therapies for a New Age


A lot of us can appreciate that, in 2020, the world has witnessed unprecedented events, especially with covid-19.  The world IS changing! And with this change, many established ways of thinking are being seriously challenged.  


With this, new - and better - perspectives and ways of approaching health (as well as ill-health) are coming to the forefront.  Many of these 'new' approaches work on the basic principle of Quantum Physics: everything is energy, and much more is possible in the quantum field than perhaps we can begin to imagine.  


It stands to reason therefore that ALL approaches to healing should be working with these principles now; and that those that don't, are now outdated. 

So, the therapies on offer here - ASYRA Screening, Nutritional Therapy, and 'The Healing Way' sessions, all aim to help you to work with the Quantum Field.  This should be the new 'currency' for all healing modalities now. 

So why not check out the rest of this website, including the new BLOG with invaluable insights, and our SHOP?  We make all sorts of digital homeopathic remedies,  which includes immune-boosting and anti-viral ones which can help boost your defences towards many modern-day viruses. 


All products in the shop are now with FREE POSTAGE. 


Moreover,  we also have all the 'quantum' consultations available to purchase in the  SHOP.   

And, if you cannot afford a full consultation or have some short questions relating to your health, supplements, nutrition, or even questions relating to themes in the BLOG, you can (for a small donation) ask The Quantum Nutritionist for advice.  Again, go to the SHOP to select the donation amount that is appropriate for your circumstances and queries. 

*******  Currently consultations in person are only available in Glastonbury.  However remote/ online/ telephone consultations are available for ALL sessions (Nutritional Therapy, The Healing Way, and Asyra Screening), so are accessible wherever you live in the world.  *******


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"After two operations and a couple of months off work recuperating, I visited Sarah who helped me get my strength back with the right supplements and diet.  After one week or so I felt much better and stronger.  I still follow her recipe ideas which were delicious and healthy." 



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