Therapies for a New Age


A lot of us can appreciate that, in 2020, the world has witnessed unprecedented events, especially with covid-19.  The world IS changing! And with this change, some established ways of thinking are being challenged.  In fact, they have been challenged for a while, but this is coming to light more than ever now. 


With this, new - and better - ways of approaching ill-health (as well as vibrant health) are coming to the forefront.  Many of these 'new' approaches work on the basic principle of Quantum Physics: everything is energy!  It stands to reason therefore that approaches to using foods to help heal the body should take the same approach. 


As for homeopathy, this has always been an 'energy medicine.'   Hence the reason that is has been very misunderstood by many.  It is a natural form of medicine used by millions of people throughout the world to treat both acute and chronic conditions. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’.  In other words, a substance taken in small amounts (ie in an energetic form) will help treat the same symptoms it causes.  Paradoxically, the more a substance is in it's energetic form, the more potent it is (difficult to understand - but we can work with this!)  Here at The Quantum Nutritionist, we use digital homeopathy with the ASYRA Bio-resonance device.  So, you could say, that our homeopathy is even more energetic or potent in nature.

So why not check out our SHOP?  We make all sorts of digital homeopathic remedies,  which includes immune-boosting and anti-viral ones which can help boost your defences towards many modern-day viruses.  

We also have ASYRA Health Screening Tests and Nutritional Therapy consultations available in the SHOP. 


All consultations have now gone 'quantum'!, meaning that it will be our aim to help you 'GO DEEPER' with your healing journey each time.  However, if you want to fast-track this process, why not book yourself a HEALING WAY session?

If you cannot afford a full consultation or have some short questions relating to your health, supplements, nutrition, or even questions relating to themes in the BLOG, you can (for a small donation) ask The Quantum Nutritionist for advice.  Just see the SHOP to select the donation amount that is appropriate for your circumstances and queries. 

***  Currently consultations in person are only available in Glastonbury.  Remote/ online consultations are available for all sessions (Nutritional Therapy, The Healing Way, and Asyra Screening however, so can be accessible wherever you live.)  ***




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