About Me


Hi, I am Sarah, and I am The Quantum Nutritionist in the UK!  I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, having graduated from The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2010.  I am a member of BANT and CNHC. 

My formal studies have served me well, but it is nothing in comparison to what I have learned from my own personal journey from ill-health to wellness.

Although I am deeply interested in food and how it relates to health, my interest in - and passion for understanding - how we can truly heal on a deep and permanent basis, has seen me explore over the years much more than just diet.  And this is what I would like to share with you, whatever consultation - or product - you have through me.  This is invaluable insight, especially now that the world is changing and witnessing unprecedented events. And with this change, many established ways of thinking about health and dis-ease are being seriously challenged too.

What if  Western medicine offers only a partial insight  into how the body actually heals in a deep and long-lasting way? What if there is much more to know about the true nature of health and dis-ease?

What are Nature's Principles (aka Natural Law)?  How does this relate to health?


With this, new - and better - perspectives and ways of approaching health (as well as ill-health) are coming to the forefront.  Many of these 'new' approaches work on the basic principle of Quantum Physics: everything is energy, and  when our bodies go out of balance, it is because they start to vibrate on a lower frequency than they should.  On the flip side, when our frequency is high, so much more is possible in terms of health and wellness than perhaps we can begin to imagine!

Indeed,  Quantum Therapies work with the whole of you, as does the rediscovery of vibrant health.  Most likely,  you don't realise yet just how many aspects to YOU there really are...


Anyway, suffice to say that ALL approaches to healing should now be working with Nature's Principles (aka Natural Law) and the premise that 'everything is energy'; and that those that don't are now extremely outdated.  And when you fully understand the implications of what this means, you will see your entire life in a whole different way.

Nature's Principles Explained eBook:


You can start to understand how to work with Nature's Principles and heal yourself from the inside out in a deep and long-lasting way by reading and purchasing this NATURE'S PRINCIPLES EXPLAINED document.  This document also contains an invaluable image for you to contemplate which may help to kick-start your own self-healing ability.  Sounds strange?!  It won't when you truly appreciate that "everything is energy", and even an image, or colour, or sound, has a particular frequency.  Give it a go!  Be open to new possibilities...

Quantum Therapies on offer:

The therapies on offer here - ASYRA Screening, Nutritional Therapy, and 'The Healing Way' sessions, all aim to help you to work with - and understand - the Quantum Field and Nature's Principles and the implications of this.

  • ASYRA Screening: a one-stop test to evaluate imbalances in your system, and which areas of your body to support in the short-term to help you to feel better.

  • Nutritional Therapy/ Weight Loss Advice: dietary advice taking into account the whole of you!

  • The Healing Way: much more in-depth advice and guidance about the healing process, and what you can do to help effect deep and long-lasting health.

  • Bespoke homeopathic formulas to help you with specific health conditions, useful especially if you cannot afford a full ASYRA Screening.

  • NEW: "Ask The Quantum Nutritionist" any health-related matter for a donation of your choice, ranging from £10 to £25, suitable if you have only a few questions about your health or require some 'sign-posting', or if you are in need of an affordable way to pay for health advice.  Contact me to find out more about this service.

Bespoke Homeopathic Remedies


We make all sorts of bespoke, digital homeopathic formulas in our 'GOLD FREQUENCY' range,  which includes immune-boosting and anti-viral ones to help give your body a much needed boost in these times.

These are very potent remedies, containing 25+ homeopathic frequencies.  That is the equivalent of taking 25 different supplements, all for the price of one!

Moreover, these tinctures are incredibly easy to take: simply drop them into your mouth or add to a little water.  They are odourless, and to all intents and purposes, taste similar to plain water, so ideal for the very young as well as the very old!

These remedies are suitable for a wide-range of health conditions including headaches, arthritis, fatigue, PMS, endometriosis, detoxification of metals/ chemicals/ pathogens, skin issues, addictions, earache, sinus problems, cold-sores, thyroid issues, acid reflux & digestion, stress, and more.

*** If you cannot see a tincture available for your specific health condition, just ask!  We are constantly developing new ones and, who knows, maybe we can ask you to trial one for a reduced price. ***

Online/ Remote Consultations and In-Person Sessions


All the 'Quantum Therapies' can be in person, or undertaken remotely. 


With The Healing Way and Nutritional Therapy sessions, remotely means via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp. 


With ASYRA Screening, remotely means you sending me a hair sample which is then run through the bioresonance device.  The ASYRA was designed to work in this way. 


You can buy remote consultations/ sessions via the SHOP, but for sessions in person you will need to CONTACT me to arrange this.

In-person consultations can now be offered in Glastonbury, Somerset; and once a month in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  It may also be possible to travel to your home for a consultation, if you live in the Glastonbury or Cheltenham areas.


M from


"After two operations and a couple of months off work recuperating, I visited Sarah who helped me get my strength back with the right supplements and diet.  After one week or so I felt much better and stronger.  I still follow her recipe ideas which were delicious and healthy."